Vetri Neri - AVA, ANNA, Capo Plaza

About the Project

Francesco Avallone, aka AVA, who has distinguished himself over the years for his successful productions with well-known artist Capo Plaza, has embarked on a prolific project as a lead artist. After the recent chart topping tracks "Tête" with Medy & VillaBanks (double platinum) and "Dimmi Che" with Bresh & Neima Ezza, AVA's new single for the summer of 2023 once again includes the participation of Capo Plaza as well as ANNA, one of the most incisive female figures in today's national and international music industry. The song "Vetri Neri" reached the top position on Spotify charts achieving Platinum Record certification within weeks of its release and established itself as the hit of summer 2023.

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Digital Ads

Intense media pressure achieved through a special combination of advertising formats on major social media and YouTube enabled "Vetri Neri" to reach millions of users in a short period of time to make the song widely recognized and surpass the other numerous quality productions released during the summer period.

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Single Release Consultancy

The single debuted in Spotify's Top 10 chart, and after a long climb up to the first position of the most listened to tracks ever in Italy, the goal of 3V's efforts is considered largely achieved. Our team has believed from the very beginning in the potential of the well-known music producer by assisting his management from both the advertising as well as the strategic and consulting aspects. We are proud to have actively participated in the project, also involving our proprietary software Rubyno.Studio, and in determining the success of the song and music video.