Tiscali - Onlife Campaign

About the Project

Tiscali S.p.A. founded in 1998 by the well-known Sardinian entrepreneur Renato Soru is known for making an incisive contribution to the spread and access of the Internet on Italian territory, effectively contributing to the country's development. In spring 2019 after a period of absence, the long-awaited return of founder Renato Soru as chairman and CEO represented an important step for the company's future development. He consolidated the partnership with Open Fiber to develop high-speed fiber internet services.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

3V Agency's collaboration with the well-known telco coincides with the return of Dr. Soru as CEO of the company. The purpose of the collaboration was to optimize and streamline acquisition costs for each internet subscription sold. Thanks to a combination selected by our team on the main social platforms and the Google search engine, we supported Tiscali's customer acquisition process with Lead Generation and Traffic campaigns achieving important results and lowering the acquisition cost by significant percentage points.

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