Jumanji - The Next Level

About the Project

Jumani: The Next Level, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was released in Italy on December 25th, 2019 by Sony Pictures. After an opening weekend gross of $5,529,866, the film grossed $13,997,853 over 10 weeks. A global blockbuster, Jumani: The Next Level grossed $800m worldwide. 

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We collaborated with Sony to design and execute digital advertising campaigns in Italy. Leveraging both talent and trailers, 3V Agency used its proprietary algorithms to push high-impact content through in-demand advertising formats within big tech Meta, achieving stellar reach. 

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Geolocal Targeting Digital Ads

In addition to pushing media coverage nationwide, we boosted reach with 3V Agency's specialized Geolocal Product. Our uniquely structured advertising campaigns deployed across precision areas (1-3 km around main theater locations), reaching users in the vicinity, as well as users who’d been on site within 48 hours prior to official release. This "Online-to-Offline" ad reach delivered major increase in ticket sales, helping the film generate close to $14m during the course of its Italian theatrical run.

For this activity, our team alongside the global film giant's marketing department structured an advertising campaign designed in detail to exploit the potential offered by the film's trailer and the value of the individual characters featured in the film. High-impact content was conveyed through the newest advertising formats offered by the platforms owned by the big tech Meta recording extraordinary performances.