Bloody Vinyl 3 - Slait, Low Kidd, Thasup & Young Miles

About the Project

Bloody Vinyl 3 (also known as BV3) is the musical project of Slait, rappers Low Kidd and Thasup (then known as Tha Supreme) and producer Young Miles who succeeded in bringing together 25 artists from the Italian urban scene (including Salmo, Lazza, Madame, Massimo Pericolo, Capo Plaza, Mara Sattei, Coez, Shiva, Guè, Fabri Fibra) and international scene resulting in an award-winning mixtape. 3V Agency supported Sony Music throughout the release of this project. One of the most important factors that determined the success of BV3's digital strategy was a cross-platform advertising approach and distinctive and unique visual communication. The use of the YouTube Masthead format, an exclusive advertisement that is shown on the YouTube homepage, was essential and decisive in positioning BV3 as an ambitious and successful project from the very beginning.

Digital Ads

The promotional campaign involved the delivery of adverts on different platforms through the best available formats, which collectively showcased the effectiveness of a cross-media strategy. The main objective was to reach all target users with multiple content such as Instagram Stories, Post, YouTube video ads etc. but united by a visual style with a strong impact, recognizable and unique. The achieved media pressure reached a considerable percentage of the Italian population.

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Album Release

The challenge set by the client for 3V Agency was to make Bloody Vinyl Vol. 3 the top-listened album in the country in its early release period. The publicity strategy implemented greatly increased awareness and attention to the project on multiple fronts as well as on a national scale, placing all 16 tracks in the Top 20 of the Spotify chart.

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YouTube Homepage

Thanks to 3V Agency's well-established relationship with its partners, in particular Google, this release benefitted from a unique and exclusive advertising format adopted for the first time in Italy: in fact, BV3 was the first project to be the subject of a YouTube Masthead campaign with targeting dedicated to the music world, at the time of the release still in beta testing. This ad features a multi-format ad with several interactive elements that appears at the top of the YouTube homepage.