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for the music industry

Rubyno Studio arises from the need and desire to make the data and information of the music sector accessible to all.

Rubyno Studio is a revolutionary and innovative platform that aggregates and processes all visible and invisible data present on Spotify and Youtube.

A unique software in the music industry that leverages the main power of business intelligence to help artists, managers and labels make informed decisions, supported by accurate data.

Rubyno provides a complete, reliable and efficient tool to assess investments and define your true commercial value.

All in one platform.

The software has the ability to process and manage a very high number of data contained in
digital streaming platforms and allows you to access:

+ 1 Million Artists
+ 10 Millions Tacks
+ 2 Millions Album
+ 150.000 Playlist

Rubyno.Studio is a project entirely conceived and realized by the 3V Agency team, a leading company in the digital advertising sector for the Music and Entertainment segment.

Data, the greatest strength of the music industry.

Cross Media Ads

Get visibility on all digital platforms

Thanks to Rubyno.Studio, from today, you can promote your content on the most important digital platforms in total autonomy.

Rubyno.Studio was created to give Artists, Creators and Brands the possibility of obtaining qualified and guaranteed visibility on digital platforms at an affordable price.

Rubyno.Studio uses a powerful algorithm developed by our team of experts in both the digital and entertainment fields to offer our users the best advertising performance.

Save your time and forget complex platforms, with Rubyno.Studio you can create an extremely effective campaign in just 3 steps. We guarantee the result!

Explore Rubyno's features and give more value to your music! Find out where, how and with whom to make music, through a deeper analysis of your profile to expand your music market.


Know your challenges.
Through the "comparison" function you can compare your performance and your scores with those of your competitors and have a complete overview to understand what your next moves could be.
With Rubyno Studio, we lay our cards on the table!


Spot your fans around the world.
Thanks to the map you can find out exactly where your fans are and in which countries your music is most listened to.
Navigate the map of Rubyno Studio to discover the world, one track at a time!


Discover more artists based on what you like.
With the "similar artists" function you can understand which artists are connected to each other and how.
A tool that will not only open up a completely new musical world, but will help you choose your next collaborations!


Top charts always updated.
Follow the evolution of the Spotify charts and quickly analyze the dynamics of the latest singles and albums released on the platform.
Monitor the charts to understand the impact of songs in the world and to intercept the new and future trends.

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The visionaries of today’s music are building a future in which, machine learning technology will predict, resize and automate advertising investments, forever revolutionizing the dynamics of industry and communication, in the entertainment world.

How many of you at this very moment would make different decisions, having access to information so far inaccessible or too expensive?