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DJ Slait, Low Kidd, Tha Supreme e Young Miles

15/15 Tracks

in the Top 50 Italy

1st FIMI

Top Album and Top Single


Platinum Disc certified

BV3 is the musical project of DJ Slait, rappers Low Kidd and Tha Supreme and producer Young Miles who have been able to bring together 25 artists from the Italian and international urban scene giving life to an award-winning project.

3V Agency supported the project with the aim of generating the maximum possible visibility, winning the challenge. One of the most important factors in determining the success of BV3's digital strategy was a cross-platform advertising approach. Essential was the use of Youtube Masthead, a native video-based format that is displayed in the Youtube home page.

Album Release





Platinum Disc certified

Winner of the Sanremo Festival 2018 in the "New Proposals" category with the song “Il ballo delle incertezze", and second classified in Sanremo 2019 with “I tuoi particolari", Niccolò Moriconi in art Ultimo, needs no introduction. 
22 settembre is the last single of the Roman singer-songwriter, a track that inaugurated its independent label Ultimo Records.

3V supported the project by implementing an advertising cross-platforms strategy with the aim of putting pressure on the release of the song first on Spotify and then on Youtube, our 3V direct-link conversion technology was fundamental.
 Thanks to the collaboration between 3V Agency and Ultimo, we managed to create a strong emotional connection with the audience in target, achieving surprising results.

Single Release


Non mi basta più

Baby K ft. Chiara Ferragni


Platinum Double Disc certificate

The only Italian artist to have obtained a diamond disc from the Italian Music Industry Federation, rapper Baby K never ceases to amaze us.
The artist opens the summer 2020 on the notes of “Non mi basta più", her umpteenth great success which saw the extraordinary participation and musical debut of Chiara Ferragni, the beloved influencer.

3V Agency supported the project by implementing an advertising strategy with the aim of putting pressure on the release of music video on the Youtube platform. 
In a short time “Non mi basta più" has become one of the catchphrases of summer 2020 and the official video has driven the platform crazy, becoming, once again, a trendy content and obtaining millions of views on YouTube in a very short time.

Single Release


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